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lundi 1 septembre 2008

soaking sun in my garden!!!

hey !!!remember this tunic showed in a previous post???? well it's not a tunic anymore !!!
it's a dress now!! i'm tired of always wearing leggings i wish i could just wear it like that! but since it was too short i added my secret weapon!! broderie!!!
to make it longer !! so i won't have to wear a legging again !! but it didn't work even with the broderie so...........
i had to wear it with a legging ( sniff , sniff !!!) but on those pic i took it off to make it look better !!
so i'm taking a lil' of sun for your plaesure !!!???? nah i'm not crazy for saying that!!!
i like the environment ! very cute for this particular outfit!! enjoy the sun!!!

matching bow??? i took the bottom piece of the tunic to make a bow!!!!!cute isn't it ??

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2 commentaires:

Mymou a dit…

It's beautiful!!!
but why cant U wear it without leggings??, I mean with the Broderie I find it enough long!!!
(I know I wear sometimes too short things!)
But Ur dress is really long!! and U're in carribeans U can wear it like that nope?
kiss Giirl

Mymou a dit…

heyyyy girl thank U fr adding me to Ur fav!! U've already benn in mine looool!
okiii for the dress as we say in french c dommage de cacher tes jambes!
bizz babe!