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jeudi 31 juillet 2008

mickeal jackson jacket!!

i ordered this jacket on ebay i'm so in love with it !! it's lil' bit too big but still wearable!!! i love it so much that i couldn't stop taking pictures take a look!!i wish i could wear it everyday! but living in the caribbean i won't even wear it period!! hahah until i'm going away for holiday!!
with the black shoes

with the zebra it's more freaky!!

bandannas everywhere!!
jacket ebay
tube top h&m
skirt kira plastinina
lace leggings betsey johnson
shoes forever 21
chain canal street
belt from paris
earrings canal street

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kira plastinina dress

i bought this dress at the kira platinina store on broadway! this 16 years russain herriess started her clothingline just 2 years ago ! but she's coming up with some very cute dress and outfit, i simply love her clothes!
when i thought i passed by the store many times without stepping in! it's only the last day of my holidays that i discovered this store and i'm vey glad about it!
and what catch my eyes in the store? my birthday dress ! "sex and the city style!" (take a look at my bday post you'll see it! so carrie bradshaw!

dress kira plastinina
belt necessary clothing
tank shop in paris
earring moa
shades d&g
shoes wet seal
bracelet bakers,wet seal,h&m

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mardi 29 juillet 2008

the neon pink belt!!

today was very "simple"! not color wise of course you know me !! i mix this belt that i bought lately from wet seal and mix it with the flats shoes from topshop i had purchased last year!!
perfect match!!
and of course last but not least the" spitfire shades" in the same tones!!

tank les envahisseurs
dress h&m
belt wet seal
shoes topshop
earrings moa
shades mark's place

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lundi 28 juillet 2008

the plaid shirt!!

i looooooooove plaid!!!!! this season i don't why, but i'm simply crazy about it !! so i put up this outfit with different accessorizes!
and you tell me how do you prefer it!!??
with the black blazer and the neon blue shades ?

door knockers earrings!!just love those!!

the low boots!!

without the blazer with a belt??
with the minnetonkas???
with the big hoops???? just love mine!! hope u love yours!!

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golden girl!

today wasn't really inspired by anything beside the shoes!I love them so much!!
i bought them in france 2 years ago at MINNELLI barely wore them !BUT they are so cute!!
top h&m
skirt wet seal
belt shop in paris
shoes minnelli

ring forever 21
rubber bracelet urban outfitter
bracelet h&m

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samedi 26 juillet 2008

the blues brothers!!!

i was looking all over for a white tie and a black bowtie when i was in ny but i couldn't find anything or way too expensive for the use i would have for it! so i gave up!(knowing that i'll get everything i want: sooner or later!!)
but yesterday it took me like a mosquitos bite : " i gotta have my white tie and the black bowtie!!"
so i went in the surroundding stores to look for them .
i found just what i wanted right away !!
i really thought that i would have found everything i wanted in nyc ! but i didn't !
I found it in my hometown wich i should have looked first !!
but you know i guess it's the myth: everything is better elsewhere!
what a fool !!!
i guess i was just looking in the wrong place !!
so anyway came up with this "blues brothers " style really cute masculine/feminine, but with the red lip gloss it makes it very glamorous!! me like it!! shades topshop
shirt charlotte russe
tie sxm
skirt h&m
legging necessary clothing
shoes(heels) bakers
belt shop in paris

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vendredi 25 juillet 2008

hippie or wat ???

i bought this tunic in forever 21 last june
at first i had really liked it , but when i wore it on my vacation time, i took pictures with it and i found i was looking horrible in that dress
i had completely regret buying it !
so it's been hanging in my closet ever since !
but when last night i was looking for an outfit to wear today i found this very cute scarf that i had for years( never wore it either !since i could never find anything to match it!)
and i really wanted to wear it!
but this time i had to really find something that could go with it , so when i saw this dress again , i was like : NAH!!! i can't wear that ugly piece again!!
but when i tried it with the scarf, i thought this wasn't so bad after all!!
very hippie !! me like it!!
scarf h&m
tunic forever 21
earrings shop in nyc
shoes bakers
shades urban oufitters

belt shop in paris
watch guess
rings claire's
bracelet h&m
i love my bakers!!

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jeudi 24 juillet 2008

ashanti new video!!!

i'm not an ASHANTI fan but when i saw this video on tv today i was like WHOW!!!she's really looking good in this one( no fashion faux pas !!! like she always does)
she hired a really good stylist for the video i'm sure!!
everything that she's wearing fitting her perfectly, from the hair to the make-up and shoes
everything is PERFECT !!
i envy all of her clothes in that video i could ROCK all of
such a glamorous pin'up!!

the smoking jacket!!

i'm very found of this look
i bought this jacket last saturday ! i just fell in love with it !!! beside the fact that i can't wear it here since it's way too hot ! but you know me i didn't care as long as i want it! just gotta have it! i'm gonna buy it! even if i'm not wearing it very often it doesn't matter ! but it's in my closet and that's what's count !
so i choose this outfit inspired by my gurl : none other that AMY!!!
very retro pin'up and 80's chic at the same time
hey !!! and as you could see it's very difficult for me to stay away from red so ....
but it's not really that i'm wearing red again after betting yesterday that i won't wear red for a week !!! but it doesn't really count since it's just make-up!!! (right???)i really, really love this oufit! it's one of my favorite so far !! what do you think about it ?

jacket vintage
top victoria secret
skirt vintage
leggings necessary clothing
shoes bakers

the jacket
the skirt!!
the shoes!!

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