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mercredi 3 septembre 2008

the white prom dress!!!

it's offical my camera is broken!!! i dropped it once already wich had broken the screen in two ( we used to only see half of the picture while it was taken the shots but it was still taken good pictures!!
hey !and by the way it was a brand new camera !a gift from my boyfriend for my bday wich was two months ago !!! ugrrrrr i' m so upset so yesterday i drop it again and it was the end!! i think this camera had a bad karma !!! yes i believe that stuffs have karma aswell !don't you ?
so how do you explain that i dropped this camera twice and broked it !
while i don't really drop my stuff !! i'm carefull as much as i can !
my boyfriend say i'm too clumsy !! but i"m still thinking that this camera wasn't for me , some way some how !!! so i can't take pictures at the moment !!
so those are my week end pics!!
dress forever 21
fur gilet rampage
legging betsey johnson
shoes bakers

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2 commentaires:

Mymou a dit…

ooooo those leggings!! with the little... noeud (oups I loosed my english lool)

OOO pooor U sorry for U camera!!!

Trendy Gourmandise a dit…

*the same shoes of Mariah Carey