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lundi 8 septembre 2008

leopard print

okay so lately my posts wasn't so good specially on "the day looks" ( well my taste!!) so i knew i had to step up my game !!

and this is what i came up with ....

this neon blue pants that i haven't wear in a while since i never know what to match it with !

bright colors or black?

so i went all the way techtonic style!! lord knows i hate the music but i defenetely love the fashion "bright and flashy!!!"

like for real who's wearing leopard print with fluo color stain on it ????

m.o.i!!!!of couse

sooooooooo london style !! me love it!!!


top topshop
pants new look
shades mark's place
belt 3 suisses
shoes sxm
sneakers puma
earings moa


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2 commentaires:

Mymou a dit…

daaamn it matches perfectlyy!!!
U have sooo good ideas for Ur clothes!!!

Trendy Gourmandise a dit…

i prefer clubbing