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mercredi 10 septembre 2008

pictures of the skirt that i made !!!

heyyyyyyyyy!!!! im kind of happy today i've recieved to package that i had ordered. previously ....
one from asos and the other one from gojane !!!!!!!!!
hahahah i'll post my new items soon!!!
so today my camera worked for some reasons......... and this is my outfit !!
this is shirt that i had made earlier this month!!!
i 'm just simply in love with !! and everybody told me that they loved it! aswell!!
wich is a good sign!!!! right?

jacket h&m
tank shopped in paris
neckless nyc
skirt made by me
shoes sxm

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2 commentaires:

allystar a dit…

Yore really talented i love your skirt
And the bow is beautiful

Trendy Gourmandise a dit…

the skirt too funny