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vendredi 19 septembre 2008


so today i wanted to be more " caribbeanish" since i'm living there!!!
the skirt is very cute and summerish as you could see!
i paired it with the " jamaican "earrings (i'm calling them like that because of their colors!)
leave my hair out and curly to make more "roots"
it's not really my style so i girly it up a lil'
and voila!!!!
i took the pictures by myself ! i guess you could see it !!! all my people (friends and specially my boyfriend !! are tired of taking pictures of me !
wich i understand !! but still i have a blog to run .... so i took them myself
( i thought it would have been worst !!!!)
top h&m
skirt patricia feld
earring shopped miami

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3 commentaires:

Pink Wanda a dit…

t'es trop belle!trop belle!trop belle!!


Marco a dit…

I read your comment. Where do you live? Your blog show that you love mode. Rome and Milano are the towns of the mode. Have you ever been in Italy? Please to meet you is mine.
Bye bye Marco

Marco a dit…

have you got msns???