Parisian girl who lives in the Caribbeans with new york city dreams!!


lundi 30 juin 2008


I really like AA BUT EVERYTHING IN THERE STORE IS SO TINY! too bad for me !!! love the zebra legging !it could fit me but ,it's way too RISQUE! for somebody my size, so i'll wait for my black shiny 1 to come!

riri and her AA FRIENDS!!

I JUST LOVE THIS VIDEO! the sound of the 80's (wich u know i love!) ! the clothes i think they are from AA WHERE ELSE??? if you don't have THE BLACK SHINY LEGGING FROM THEM ? YOU ARE NUTHING!!!! well i guess i'm nada since i dont have 1 ! but wait it's not my fault i went in all the AA OF NYC but they were all sold out!!!! just imagine !!! what a disapointment for me who came from so far ! for nothing!!! puffffff they told to order them online i might have a better 'CHANCE' THEY SAID!!!! I'M SAD!!! SNIFF SNIFF!!at least riri and her friends got them!! lucky bitches!!

MADONNA IN the 80's baby

EVERY BODY ! WELL if U ARE OLD ENOUGH REMEMBER SEEKING SUSAN DESPERATLY it was so 80's and so fun fashion just check out the video!!i love MADONNA BACK IN THOSE DAYZ ! right now not as much but for her age there's no doubts that she has it! but back then she was the girl we were looking up to fashion ways, even if she was very contreversal she always brought reactions good or bad ! like :like a PRAYER! with this black JESUS! WAS FABULOUS so amazing at the time but we couldn't expected anything else from her anyway! and of course everybody remembers VOGUE!! and JUSTIFY MY LOVE ! that was such a weird video ! showing same genders hooking up together ,wich she was doing at the time! just love her for that!BREAKING bounderies
BUT THE BEST OF HER for me was like a virgin!!!!!! woohooo !!!! THAT GIRL GOT STYLE ! remember her in this video? passing under thoses bridges in VENISE!!! memorable moments that's all i could say always with style of course!!!
i really love the 80's i dont why

! some people might say it a bad fashion era i don't find so !on the contrary i find iT was very inventive ,very femine with those high waist and padded shoulders! long red nails and lips matching! shinny legging and head bands and prom dresses WAT !and oh let not forget About those resille gloves without finger tips so cute ! and last but not least THE LEG WARMERS!!!


BUT 1 THING i really dont miss are those big wavy hair that u had to spend 3 hours at the hairdresser ( wich i dont need since my hair are very curly) poor flat haired girls ! i was was too young for that though but still i dont miss it ! dont get me wrong i love big hair just not the fake 1's specially bleach out!!

this picture gots everything i love about 80's fashion!

dimanche 29 juin 2008


i just love having fun with my clothes ! having crazy combinations, things that u NEVER thaught would go together! and most of the time i like the outcoming! !!! ENJOY



i really like all those pictures they 're so me! it's definitely clothes i would where ! i will post pictures like this from time to time of peeps style i'm really feeling !those are actually from STREETPEEPERS IN LONDON ! wich i love! LONDON is so different style wise anybody could just wear anything they feel like wearing without the comment of the others!and thats what i like about british peeps JUST BE WHO U WANNA BE!!!


I don't know why but this picture reminds me of easter maybe it's the belt who look like a bow (around the egg!) or the shape of the skirt wich i've made i really like it though!!

vendredi 27 juin 2008


i loved the PATRICE FIELD store it completly me ! 1 thing i could say about it though is that i found some stuffS in her store that i had previously bought at differentes locations for way cheaper than her prices wich upset me a lil ! since it's suppose to be the temple of fashion IT MEAN first of all that she selling some of her stuffs for way more expensive that they real worth!
plus the fact that u might hand up with the same dress (since it's sold in biggger stores such as mandee,forever 21,wet seal ) as somebody else!
but beside that there's not doubt that the choice of the items that this store hold is very up to date, very fashion forward and very FLASHY wich is perfect for me i just could buy everything and be able to mix and match with something that i already have in my wardrobe!

just love those pix ! very colorful i love graffiti's ! and that patricia field window look the bomb!!!

@ the store of KIRA PLASTININA just love her store its so different of what i saw while i was in nyc very girly yet flashy and fashion !! lots of glitters and colors !!! i love upstairs ! check it out that how my bedroom should look !!!

@ work
skirt forever21
shirt zara
belt earrings chanel
belt zara

me on the sunset strip in VEGAS showing off again !EVERYBODY watching me like im CRAZY!!!! im getting use to it !! hahah
dress vintage
belt zara
shades chinatown
gold rope chain broadway
earrings bakers


YES ZIR!!!! this my madonna's dress i lovvvve it @ the CEASAR PALACE fountain showing off!!!
dress forever 21
belt shop in Paris
shoes bakers

i love this outfiiter very BETTY PAIGE retro kind of stuff luv the stripes!!

Top mango

skirt vintage

belt zara


so as you could see this is the brooklyn bridge !!! i'm showing this pic cause on the floor there's the WRITING
"left is for walking and right is for biking !" so apparently my friend didn't see the "WRITING" on the floor, so she was walking all over the bridge while i was standing back taking pictures when all of a sudden i see a biker falling ! i was like: "whats wrong with this person? is so drunk that he can't even ride is own bike!" when 2 secondes after! another biker ran straight into him fly off is bike and got stuck between the 2 bikes!! i was like : "but hold on this person ( who fell first) cause such a bad accident !thats was uppsetting ! poor guy didn't even have the time 2 stop, so ran into the drunken man!!! "
so me and my friends went to help them out ,when 1 of the guys started to blame my friend saying she was on the biker lane ! and thats why he fell! OMG we felt so bad ! so if you ever get the chance to go to the brooklyn brigde PLEASE STAY THE LEFT SIDE!!!!!!!!


@ the library!!!! nahhhhhh not 2 read!!!! SEX AND THE CITY !! OF COURSE
top forever 21
dress axara
leggings necessary clothing
belt london market
shades urban outffitters

jeudi 26 juin 2008


top top shop
skirt h&M
jacket vintage
bag balenciaga
shades chinatown
boots london on oxford street cant remember where!

bustier h&m
scarf shop on broadway
skirt MADE BY ME!!!!
kiks puma
glasses wit no GLASS vintage
gold belt broobklyn

earrings CHANEL
top h&M
skirt kira plastinina
shades urban outffitters


here i am @ HOME OR GUEST HOUSE ???? i dont even know ??? anyway
top bustier H&m
shirt H&M
belt ZARA
leggins cant remember i have so many
shoes shop in washington AV south beach
''GUCCI'' chain chinatown
balloon i dont know! ask to the peeps of GUESTHOUSE OR HOME where ever i was????? !!!!!

so we were just coming out of central park looking for a place to eat but NADA in the area , when i saw this pretty building i loved it so i took a pic of ME in front of
hat vintage
tank shop in france
belt shop in france
highwaist dress wet seal
leggings century 21
shoes bakers
bag prada

aite dat 1 was taken near ground zero! and century 21 store ! 4 those who knows wat im talking about! cheap and very affordable on brands check it out when ur in town specially good 4 bags and accessorizes not really feeling the rest (like clothes !! nop 1 dont even! think bout it !) just kiddin go and see for urself!

head band claire's
jean balloon dress necessary clothing ( on broadway !)
belt wet seal
leggings necessary cloth
kicks puma
jacket vintage
bracelets wet seal
shades forever 21
DRINK!!!! hahahah just playing i dont remember sorry!!!!
wich im using way 2 much!!!


i go by the nick name of shay or kawai!!!!! im living in a small island name saint Martin in the CARIBBEAN !!!!!!!! half french (wich im staying!),half dutch

but im originally from FRANCE! i moved here 8 years ago but enough bout me let talk bout my PASSION !!!! FASHION !!!! its my life! love it ! cherish it everything!!

so okay just gettin back from VEGAS and NEW YORK !!!! so i gotta post my pix