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mardi 30 septembre 2008

las vegas vacation!!!

like i said erlier this week it's all about souvenirs of my vacations!!
those pictures were taken in VEGAS!!! outside of the cesear palace ( i cant really remember!!)
donc comme je vous l avais dit plutot cette semaine je vais faire mes billets sur mes dernieres vacances!!!
ces photos on etes prisent a la sortie d une boite de l hotel cesear palace
(mais comme jm'en souviens plus trop on va faire comme ci!!) vintage dress shopped in candem market
belt zara
gold chain canal street
shades canal street
showing off even when i"m taking the BUS!!! hahahah

i think her dress is from ZARA and the boots are from ALDO ! i just love this outfit on her!
look at the lady in the back !
look at her face expression!!!she's like :"whatever ! only tourists take pictures in the bus!!"hahahah so fun
pretty girl

!!!! enjoy!!!!!

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3 commentaires:

Trendy Gourmandise a dit…

las vegas le top !

une ville immense : j espère ke je pourrais y aller un jour

vintage-trendy-glam a dit…

Tu es allée a las vegas ??? Waouhhh quelle chance tu as du te regaler ma belle !!!

My Fashion Frenzy a dit…

Your outfits are so cute, girl. =)