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vendredi 12 septembre 2008


like i said in my last post i recieved my gojane order and those shoes was part of the package !!!
they are the REASON i ordered at gojane at the first place!!!
i had see this shoes on ASOS but they was for 400euros!!!
normal it was from GWEN STEFANI BRAND l.a.m.b !!!!!
i had completely fell in love with them but couldn't affort it at all......!
so when i saw a few weeks ago almost the same shoes on GOJANE i couln't let it pass !!!
no way!
they reach and i'm soooooooo happy!!!
i took those pictures as fast i as could to show you what they looked like on my feet!!
but i promise you'll see them with a complete outfit very soon !!!
so far i'll leave you with those pictures!

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2 commentaires:

michelle a dit…

Amazing shoes! :D

Foxy a dit…

Those shoes are so cute