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samedi 6 septembre 2008

that 50's show!!!

this skirt was featured in one of my earlier post , check it out!!
but it was more an evening outfit
this time it's more casual , wearable during the day !!
i went for a real 50's look !! you know like in the movie GREASE!!
sandy used to wear the longer version very cute aswell !!!
what you don't remember ??, go and see the movie immediatly this is fashion movie !! like seriously: good girl gone bad !!
from knees skirt to leather legging and perfecto !! so 2008!!! i love it!

when i was young i used
to sing all the songs when the movie was playing on tv !!even without knowing english !!!!hahahahah so funny !! you should have seen me !!
mubbling in a different language!!!

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