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vendredi 12 septembre 2008


this the outfit i wore today !!

i love the accessorizes specially the big neckless!!

my friend brought from¨PARIS for me!!!(thx isa) hehehehe

and i completely love it " so very me !!!!"

i matched with the gold headband and the gucci bag for the gold touch and
the white shoes to make the outfit "POP! "more

take a look....... bag gucci
skirt h&m
neckless from paris
tank shopped in paris
headband h&m
shoes shopped in puertorico

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vintage-trendy-glam a dit…

Moi aussi j'adore tes billets ma belle, tu as vraiment de belles tenues propres a ta personalité, j'adore, le collier le sac Gucci (L)

Anonyme a dit…

Amiable dispatch and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you on your information.