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mardi 9 septembre 2008


FIRST OF ALL i'm so upset like i said before : i dropped my camera for the second time which killed it !!
so i bought a cheap new camera and after 2 days of use ? it's already giving me problems!!
the picture from yesterday were good !
but today my boyfriend took pictures of me with my new camera for lunch ! but by night almost all my pictures were gone !!! gone were i don' t know!!!! arrrrrrrrrrhhhhhh...... i ' m so upset !!!!!
only those three bad shots was that was left of "my today shooting"!!!
i even had managed to do new poses on new a backgrounds !!!!!sniff sniff now i'm sad!!!
alright take a look at those few bad shots !!!
i'm off before i keep going on and on and on... about this story .....sorry !!

tube top mango
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red belt made by me
skirt forever 21
gold belt vintage
shoes shop in puerto rico
shades mark's place (custom by me)
earrings chanel

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