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samedi 30 août 2008

welcome to the doll house!!!

this green top used to belong to my mum !!
it used to have the very 80's big padded shoulders!! as much as like the 80's this blouse was way too retro for where i live so i modified it to fit more my needs living in the caribbeans!!!
so i turned it into a simple bustier ! and i came up with this very dollish outfit!!
big bow and stiff poses!!
and of course pink (i can't be a doll without something pink!!)
paired it with high socks and it made the trick!! ( at least that's what i think hahahah!!!) top from mummy! (thanks for keeping real vintage stuff mum!!)
skirt topshop
scarf topshop
belt h&m
leg warmer express
shoes sxm
bracelet h&m

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2 commentaires:

Savvy Mode SG a dit…

your heels on the last photo is quite savvy. i will wear it with severe color in the fall/winter for a pop of color.

Jasmine a dit…

j'adore les shoes rose !!!