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mercredi 1 octobre 2008


so i'm still on those trip posts so you can see vegas in pictures like if you were there!!!
donc ont continuent avec mes billets sur las vegas comme si vous y etiez!!!!
this is the wynn hotel like the name is saying!???
i'm completely in love with structure of it specially the fact that the sun is reflecting into it!!! magnificent!!
ceci est l hotel wynn comme sont mon l indique !???
j adore l architecture et surtout le soleil qui se reflet dedans!! magnifique!
those pictures were taken at the bank 50 cents club in the bellagio hotel!
i didn't find that this club was specially hip hop !
i guess they had to keep it all "type of crowd"if they wanted it to work! (there's so many clubs!)
in vegas there's all type of people who visiting from everywhere so i guess to please everybody they have to play commercial music !
there's an urban club at the ceasar palace name poetry that wasn't so bad but way too crowded for me!!
ces photos ont etes prisent a la boite de 50 cents qui s apelle "the bank"
qui ce trouve a l hotel bellagio!
je n ai pas trouver cette boite particulierement hip hop! a mon avis ils passent tout genre de music pour remplir leur boite! ( y'en a tellement!!)
a vegas il y a tout type de personne qui vienne du monde entier , donc je pense qu'ils passent toutes sorte de music pour plaire a tout le monde!
y'a une boite hip hop dans l hotel le ceasar palace qui s apelle poetry mais j 'ai pas trop aime l'ambiance en plus il y avait beaucoup trop de monde!

my outfit:
top mango
skirt sxm
belt zara

she's so pretty! always very pin'up!!!!
at the bellagio !! those hotels are crazy !! they have indoor garden!!!

au bellagio ils ont un jardin a l'interieur!! pourquoi faire simple?!!!!

look at this decoration!! it driving me insane!!
regardez moi cette deco ! non mais franchement on s'y croirait grave!!! j adore!!

like if i was in paris!!!

j'me croirais a paris!!!

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