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lundi 28 juillet 2008

the plaid shirt!!

i looooooooove plaid!!!!! this season i don't why, but i'm simply crazy about it !! so i put up this outfit with different accessorizes!
and you tell me how do you prefer it!!??
with the black blazer and the neon blue shades ?

door knockers earrings!!just love those!!

the low boots!!

without the blazer with a belt??
with the minnetonkas???
with the big hoops???? just love mine!! hope u love yours!!

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3 commentaires:

michelle a dit…

I really like both, I suppose it depends where you're going to go! First one is a little more classy, the second on is a little more wild :P

selinaoolala a dit…

wow foxy! we definitely need someone with a bit of attitude on in blogging world! i will add you to my own blogroll and if i start reading regularly i'll add you to mine, it's full up at the mo!

Andy a dit…

J'adore aussi le "plaid" :) ca sera vachement a la mode cet hiver, ca tombe bien puisqu'on en est fan ! J'aime bien ces tenues, que ce soit la premiere ou la deuxieme avec la ceinture !
Donc voili voilou, merci de ton petit commentaire repasse quand tu le souahites!
Bisous x