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mercredi 23 juillet 2008

some said nurse ,some said maid!!!

i bought this dress last month on my trip to las vegas, in H&M
i was really feeling the thin stripes !!
but my friends told me i looked like a nurse in that dress !! i was like :"nahhh man i'm not looking like a nurse!!" when all of a sudden a woman pass by with the same kind of dress i had on but she was a maid!! hahaha so funny!!
so anyway i love this dress so leave me alone!!! with the high heels (just for the pic since i'm working in flats , i'm standing up all day!!!)

dress h&m
sunglasse chinatown
earrings claire's
shoes babyphat
love those shoes bought them last year at macy's
now with the flats!!

trying something? i don't know what !!! with the lil' cardigan!! very cute!!
belt h&m
ring forever 21
bracelet can't remember!!

shoes from zara!! love butterflies!!
look at the color nail polish!! ( difficult to not see it by the way!!) u know i had to have something flashy!!

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3 commentaires:

CoutureCarrie a dit…

What really catches my eye are the fab bright nails! Love fluorescent right now! Thanks for stopping by my blog... Such a sweet comment. Visit again soon and stay stylish!

michelle a dit…

ehe I love the dress, you look fabulous! And I adore the neon nail polish! Flashy is the way to go ;)

Kiersten a dit…

This is great info to know.