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dimanche 6 juillet 2008

before /after part 1

i am always altering my clothes cause for some reasons they never fit me the way i want at first, always to small or always to big , so i always have to fix them to fit me . I am really enjoying it though ! i always had like to alter or specially customize my clothes , buy them but transforme them after to be more personalize to my style to make it more unique! since we are all buying clothes from the same stores or always going for what 's in style so i'm adding my lil' twist to it ! i'm just hadding my OWN TOUCH!!!or sometimes just completely changing they first purposes!! take a look!!

slim blue jeans then blue skirt now! i hadded patch since i love them!

solid yellow tube dress then
who got stain in the washing machine cause i left a blue napkin in the pocket from the same night this picture was taken( in london CC CLUB ) my first and last time with this plain yellow dress so i had to turn it into GRAFFITTI"S style to make it look good and wearable again
yellow dress now everything but plain !! i love it
i even painted my name in the back just in case you forgot it!!!

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