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jeudi 24 juillet 2008

ashanti new video!!!

i'm not an ASHANTI fan but when i saw this video on tv today i was like WHOW!!!she's really looking good in this one( no fashion faux pas !!! like she always does)
she hired a really good stylist for the video i'm sure!!
everything that she's wearing fitting her perfectly, from the hair to the make-up and shoes
everything is PERFECT !!
i envy all of her clothes in that video i could ROCK all of
such a glamorous pin'up!!

2 commentaires:

Sharifa a dit…

aw,she's so pretty.
Ashanti&Nelly have amazing chemistry..

Njee et Lali a dit…

Wouuuuuah !! I love it !
I'm not a ash' fan but I've got to tell that her style is crazy in here !!