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dimanche 6 juillet 2008


i fell in love with this vogue feb 08 fashion spread about my girl AMY WINEHOUSE
the model they used look way healthier than amy{ she probably not using drugs?! but she's still looking very skinny for a my taste), they had to look for a very small model to match amy figure! I find that SHE should really get herself together; other wise she's not going to last long on planet earth !all the THE ICONS are dead! JANIS JOPLIN,JIMMY HENDRIX,MARYLIN MONROE,JIM MORRISSON .JAMES DEAN.....LIVEd LIFE BY THE TWO ENDS! for some people you are not an icons unless you are dead! well amy this day might come soon! im not wishing that for her since i really love this girl! her style and music are EXTRAORDINIARE! IN HER LAST ALBUM THERE'S NOT EVEN ONE SONG THAT i didn't like! SO TALENTED! but SO MENTALLY DAMAGED!!!

HER LOOK ;50,s pin up
HER SOUNDS ;70'S electric guitars

lil tank with pairs of shorts that's so cute, yet simple!!


love the polka dots
love the hair and the silk pink dress

OMG love this those pin ups dresses!! with the scarve and the gloves! it 's really doing it for me!! simply love tatoo's
a lil' polo shirt with a high waist belt and the baloon skirt ! and you're good to go!

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