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vendredi 18 juillet 2008

u said purpule????

everything was around the suspender/belt today i wanted to wear it but couldn't really find anything to go with it . i finally put up this outfit together: not so bad , but not all of that either! anyway the style is okay , i love the colors though!! what you think?? hey and specially the earrings!!
shades urban outfitters
belt/suspendres necessary clothing
top shop in paris
neckless canal street!!!!
shoes puerto rico can't remember were!
simply love those earrings i wish i could have them in every single colors!!!
da shoes
bought them plane but u know i had to make them look more .............. how do you say that again ????? uh ??
flashy yes !!
that's da word!!!
i customed them with my favourite colors to be able to mix and match them with everything!!

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Sara Louise a dit…

love the earrings and shoes, and the outfit is so bright and colourful, so flashy! loves it.