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vendredi 25 juillet 2008

hippie or wat ???

i bought this tunic in forever 21 last june
at first i had really liked it , but when i wore it on my vacation time, i took pictures with it and i found i was looking horrible in that dress
i had completely regret buying it !
so it's been hanging in my closet ever since !
but when last night i was looking for an outfit to wear today i found this very cute scarf that i had for years( never wore it either !since i could never find anything to match it!)
and i really wanted to wear it!
but this time i had to really find something that could go with it , so when i saw this dress again , i was like : NAH!!! i can't wear that ugly piece again!!
but when i tried it with the scarf, i thought this wasn't so bad after all!!
very hippie !! me like it!!
scarf h&m
tunic forever 21
earrings shop in nyc
shoes bakers
shades urban oufitters

belt shop in paris
watch guess
rings claire's
bracelet h&m
i love my bakers!!

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3 commentaires:

michelle a dit…

You are so fabulous! I totally added your link on my blog :D

♥ fashion chalet a dit…

you're so cute,
love,love,love those earrings ♥ and great sandals too! cool dress :)

Krystal a dit…

Love anything hippie!!