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samedi 26 juillet 2008

the blues brothers!!!

i was looking all over for a white tie and a black bowtie when i was in ny but i couldn't find anything or way too expensive for the use i would have for it! so i gave up!(knowing that i'll get everything i want: sooner or later!!)
but yesterday it took me like a mosquitos bite : " i gotta have my white tie and the black bowtie!!"
so i went in the surroundding stores to look for them .
i found just what i wanted right away !!
i really thought that i would have found everything i wanted in nyc ! but i didn't !
I found it in my hometown wich i should have looked first !!
but you know i guess it's the myth: everything is better elsewhere!
what a fool !!!
i guess i was just looking in the wrong place !!
so anyway came up with this "blues brothers " style really cute masculine/feminine, but with the red lip gloss it makes it very glamorous!! me like it!! shades topshop
shirt charlotte russe
tie sxm
skirt h&m
legging necessary clothing
shoes(heels) bakers
belt shop in paris

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4 commentaires:

aizat.cinta.goddess a dit…

love your shades!!


This Blues Brothers style really suits you. Thanks a lot for the link and your comment and have a nice day.

erin de la cruz a dit…

OMG! Flashy, your shades remind me of mine. =) Love them!! Woohooow

Honeymoon a dit…

So nice !