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jeudi 3 juillet 2008

fashion stuff i own!!

my hat!!

love accessorize as you could see!!

my bags


i love printed stuff

i really like those of jackets MARINE,MOUSQUETAIRE,CORNELIEN!!!


i found this store because a friend of mine who took me to mark's place wich i fell in love with

this store is so rocky and gothic the opposite of what listening to ,but fashion wise it's a TEMPLE
there's so many stuff in there i could have bought everything! at first its kind of scary for the frenchy hip hop girl that i am, but then when i took my time i thought i could really use everything in there for a fashion show or a concert!!! OR WEAR IT on the street ! no bounderies just wear what ever .where ever ,when ever!!! well at least im trying not to chock my small island fellows!(since im living in a small carribbean island) not really inventive style wise!!! thats so sad !!!

top shop skirt!!

boot custumize by me!!! they were leopard brown and black but i really preferring them in purpule!!

im a bow freak !i love it so much that i tatooed 1 on my skin!!!

love everything with studs!!!

did you say FRINGES!!!

my round toe shoes!!!

my pumps!

my friend gift's for my bady i really love them!!! sporty yet classy!!


love those smoking dresses feminine yet masculine!!

this 1 shoulder dress is really cute!

ruffle skirts are the bomb!!!



check her store if you are in nyc very sex and the city!!!

kira plastinina

my bday dress!!

my sex and the city shoes


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Anonyme a dit…

this post is sick!! love everything about it, especially those bakers shoes, ive been drooling over them but unfortunately they dont ship to where i live :(