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mardi 1 juillet 2008


this young britsh artist is very different from what i ever heard, her style is a mix of pop ,hip hop ,dancehall and indian wich she's from sri-lanka! she's so unsual in a good way her style is very egdy !! and fierce!(like the guy from PROJECT RUNWAY WOULD SAY!!!)i love everything about her so i posted 3 videos so u could see what she's all about
plus some pictures !of course so you could see her style !!! wich for me is very up to date and very 80's and that's my favourite decade so...... see for urself!! love the africain tee!

flashy dress! or fluo dress? hummmmmm!!! interresting!

CANAL STREET my favourite place on earth to shop!! u find any and everything!!

in this video the boyz are really mashing it up !(that's a carribbean thing!!!)
love her hat and her friend strippy shirt!!

give me back my sunglasses gurl! i need them!!

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