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lundi 21 juillet 2008

top shop cravin'!!!

love this jacket i never used to be attracted to plaid fabric! but since i got my plaid button-up shirt from urban outffiters i cannot stop thinking about clothes in that style !! discovered a new "crush fabric"!!
man if only i could own this 1!!

i love everything that is in army dress jacket take a look at thoses i want them all!!

plaid again !! just can't get enough of it!!

80's jean jacket!!

the dresses!!! plaidy not played!!
that dress is hurting my eyes

sooooo cuteeeeeeee!! wanna zip it up!!

wanna polka with me!!! u said fushia?/

that 70's show!!

the skirts!~! got ballon???
solid blue waves!!
it's electric!!

plaid pencil!! nautical

print me baby!!

got cherrie??!!

bows and polka!!

just love aqua!!
orange juice or what ?
let me plaid u!!

the pants!! hammer time!!

ski time!!!
disco time !!

the accessorizes love feathers and the stars,

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Krystal a dit…

I always order from Topshop! It's the best.