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samedi 19 juillet 2008

flashy what else???

i wore that outfit last night for a party @ bliss the important piece today was the shoes!!
i painted them back over in a different color they used to be regular brown /leopard but i wasn't feeling the color (brown is definitely not my color!!)
so you know me! !!
what's my favorite colors??? all shades of pinks and purpule so what did i do ? painted them over in my fav colors
i find that they look way better now anyway !!!
what do you think about them ?
oh and i almost forgot the skirt used to be a pair of shorts but way too short for me!
i dont know why i bought them in the first place, since i never wear short shorts !
maybe i really wanted them( huh? or just playing BRATZ!!)? ????
but i knew i wasn't going to wear them like that ! so i had to alter and transformed them into a skirt!
way easier to pull off !!
i like the outcoming so i'm glad i bought them in the end!!
tank shop in paris
suspenders mandee
skirt armani exchange
belt miami (can't remember where!)
shoes sxm

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