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mardi 1 juillet 2008

sex and the city moments

go on gurl! go look for MIRANDA
just love this dress, PINK is my color! and THOSE SHOES OMG!!!!
SAME BELT OVER AND OVER ! it's as famous as CARRY !every FASHONISTA knows her!! love the hat
clutch moment?

AAAAAAAAA!!!! just like the begginning!!!
i dont know why? but i prefer the 1 by herself!

viviane westwood

my 80's moment!! again!!!!!!!!!
give your man back his glasses please!!!
shite i almost cry but i couldn't, i would feel to ashamed to cry for a" MOVIE"!(hey that's not just a '"movie" that's sex and the city for god sake!!!) in front of my friend!!!
hum hum ! i hate her with that hair color, it makes her look old and ugly! im not saying she's pretty but she looks way better in blond ;by the way i don't like that moment in the movie and i dont really understand it beside the fact that she had to do a GARNIER COMMERCIAL FOR HAIR COLOR !!!!!!!!and they try to make it 'fit' the script but it just doesn't match the story for me !
WELL I'M SORRY but i was glad when in the movie she's going back blond !! u go gurl!!

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