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jeudi 24 juillet 2008

the smoking jacket!!

i'm very found of this look
i bought this jacket last saturday ! i just fell in love with it !!! beside the fact that i can't wear it here since it's way too hot ! but you know me i didn't care as long as i want it! just gotta have it! i'm gonna buy it! even if i'm not wearing it very often it doesn't matter ! but it's in my closet and that's what's count !
so i choose this outfit inspired by my gurl : none other that AMY!!!
very retro pin'up and 80's chic at the same time
hey !!! and as you could see it's very difficult for me to stay away from red so ....
but it's not really that i'm wearing red again after betting yesterday that i won't wear red for a week !!! but it doesn't really count since it's just make-up!!! (right???)i really, really love this oufit! it's one of my favorite so far !! what do you think about it ?

jacket vintage
top victoria secret
skirt vintage
leggings necessary clothing
shoes bakers

the jacket
the skirt!!
the shoes!!

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3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

i like it
all of your outfits are flyy!
keep it up!

Njee et Lali a dit…

The shoes are great !!! U make me feelin' like I could buy one right now !!!

Krystal a dit…

Great lipstick! Red is definitely my fav.