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lundi 21 juillet 2008

d squared!!

i normally don't really pay attention to man fashion shows but this 1 is really off the hook !
like seriously i love d squared for they ruflle net dresses and i didn't know they were so inventive with the man collection aswell! silly of me !! what else can't i expect from those 2 !they are 1 of my favourite brand designers in women fashion! so there's no way they would not make a good the man collection what a fool i'am next time i'll pay more attention to they man collection !!
please take a look at tyson!!! man!!! he gat's it, no doubts!!
love the chains. the white jacket with the bow tie and the 80's shades(shout out to my peeps who don't like my shades without the glasses in it!!) got alot of bad remarks on it!!
the trucker hat.the lil' polos .the high socks and of course the fitted smokingsuit!!
like 4 real those two are the best!!

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Njee et Lali a dit…

lOVE IT !! it's crazy ! funky but aaaaaaalways classy !! da good 1 !