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mercredi 6 août 2008

anguilla 's day!!!

for the 1 's who's asking themselfs how come i didn't post since last week end ? there you have your answer !
i went in the neighbor island name anguilla! IN BEGGENNING OF AUGUST IT'S THEIR CARNAVAL!!so everybody from st maarten is going over there with boats to party for the week end or JUST like me for the first monday of august!!
leaving from sint maarten!on the boat! notice the open bar in the back!!!!
starting to drink!!

finally reach in ANGUILLA! after 3 long hours on a stupid SLOW boat!!
our boat parked up between all the other boats!! loud music playing!!

with my tipsy friends!!
seee that clear water!!!

even the dogs are drunk!!
pretty lil girl!!

see what i'm talking about? drunk i told you !!
she was dead drunk!!
local boats

PEOPLE ON THE BEACH HAVING FUN AND DRINKING LIKE CRAZY!!! leaving anguilla way too soon!! sniff sniff SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!

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Anonyme a dit…

what sunglasses are you wearin on this? really nice and flashy


oh thx they are no brands i bought simple and customize them !!! they are one of my favorite pairs!!!