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mardi 26 août 2008

the bleach dress made by me!

this is how it used to look!!
i bought this dress at a store on broadway cant remember the name!! anyway i love demin so i picked it up this dress and wore it once , but i don't know it was just too blah ! too simple
so i really wanted an acid wash piece like the acid wash jean from american apparel , the purpule one is my favorite!
but they don't fit me! for a change?!!!
so i decided to take this simple dress and "do the acid wash" on it!!
it took way longer that what i expected!
i had to put bleach on it at least 7 times to make it look even ! but i rather take my time and go slow with it cause once is done is for good!!
but at the end i'm very happy i love it !!!( you could see i putted a lot of pictures!!)
if you want to do it use gel bleach for toilets !!!hahahah
gone from this !!added this !!
yes it's in my bathroom and those are my curtains!!hahahah
and this what came out!!

playing sexy ! wich who knows me : i'm so not like that !!! just playing around !!hahahah
scarf topshop
shoes zara
belt miami
neckless canal street

hey! of course don't forget the matching lipgloss !! without it, it would be a blasphemy!!!!hahahah

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5 commentaires:

jo a dit…

great job with the bleach! i love the squiggly effect. mmm i need to try it soon

michelle a dit…

Is is such an improvement, good job! :D

Mymou a dit…

ooo my goood! really good job!!
what the name of that bleaching thing?? is it some kind of javel (Xcuse my soo poor english!)

LaCouturier a dit…

omg! i love it! at first it looked a bit blah and now it looks fab! you look so adorable in the outfit - love the bow & matching lipgloss! (haha yay someone shares my obsession with matching lipglosses too!)

please chck out my blog,

vintage-trendy-glam a dit…

J'adore toutes tes tenues ca te va tellement bien ! tu as un magnifique visage mouahhhhh
mais de quel pays viens tu ?