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vendredi 22 août 2008

my african dress!!!!!!!!

for the last month i've been looking for an african dress i don't know where this obsession came from ....but all i knew is that i wouldn't finding it where i live , so i asked my friend who lives in paris to find 1 for me ! she went to several stores but no luck !she didn't find anything!!
so i decided to buy the cloth and make my own dress!!! (cause what sahra wants , sahra gets!!) so this is what i came up with!!!
tell me what you think??? ( i find it's not so bad for somebody who never went to sewing school!!!) going from this!!
to this!!!
mama african gots bottom!!! ( thanks to my origins it's a love hate situation between us!!! yes i'm talking about my bottom!!)

belt zara
neckless paris
bracelet h&m i wasn't sure wich earrings would have matched better !! so you tell me !!
earrings paris
brown coconut shell???
earrings miami
or ethnical color matching the dress?? ( i had rather the brown so i stuck to them!)
shoes jonak
and wich shoes to choose from???
shoes sxm

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Jasmine a dit…

j'adore cette robe, et avec le chignon elle te va divinement bien !