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mercredi 20 août 2008

lil 'amy winehouse inspirations with the bra strapes hanging!
red lips and matching belt!!
that's all you need to feel glam' (not that i really felt that way today!!!)but anyway..........
a girl (or boy) should always try to keep herself looking at best that's my philosophie!it's good for our selfesteem (physically and mentally!!) !!even with a simple jean and a tee- shirt !
looking our best just make us feel good !!! right????? tee vintage
bra jc penney
skirt armani exchange (used to be a shortpants but i modified it!!)
shoes bakers

earrings chanel (i'm crazy about this pair!!)

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6 commentaires:

vintage-trendy-glam a dit…

Love : red glossy lips / red glossy belt with nautical top !!!

vintage-trendy-glam a dit…

ps : you're beautiful

sydneydoll a dit…

thanks for the tip.
i shall look at chinese laundry.

amy winehouse is so talented.
its such a shame what she is going through.

michelle a dit…

Looking good daily IS really important!

Maybach Carter a dit…

Coucou Ms !

Alors déjà première surprise, je pensais que tu étais entièrement anglophone, j'ai lu ton article sur ta "rencontre" avec Agyness, la vraie, et j'étais MORTE DE RIRE lool
Haa si nous aussi on posait pour Mr Meisel pour BURBERRY, tkt pas que Photoshop nous donnerait un charisme de fou...Enfin...Au passage, j'adore le blog, j'adoooore ton débardeur MARIN, je le veux ha ha ha

Je te fais la Bise mlle et je te mets en Fav' ?!!

Trendy Gourmandise a dit…

very "nautical"