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vendredi 22 août 2008

polka dots made by me!!!

this was my inspiration for this polka dots cloth i wanted a retro look with today style!
i guess i' ve got it !!
what you think???

gone from this! to this!!
they say that i'm shallow cause all my clothes designer!! kanye wes

corset patricia field

skirt make by me

shoes sxm

bag canal street

neckless paris

earrings moa

details with the ruban on the back!
closer look !(fatter look!!hahah)
i'm wearing the front bow on my head!! (it was a belt from a shirt that i've cutted out)

i don't know much people who would wear stripes and dots at the same time !! ( but i like it!)

with the net beret with glitters
i look like the woman who gives food to kids at school!! (with the net over my hair)

the pin' up sneakers shoes those are 1 of my fave!!!

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Libbi a dit…

Wow that skirt in briliant,
I wish I could make something like that.
I made some PJ bottoms at school but not as cool as that skirt. I musty learn to do that!