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lundi 18 août 2008

i saw agyness!!!

well it's not such a major thing that i saw her, beside the fact that she is the model of those last few years!
we are seeing her everywhere! like we always say: " stars look different in real life !" well when i saw her across the street i pointed at her to show her to friend and tell her :"who's that girl does she think she is agyness? puff whatever agyness look way batter than her ! this girl is just a wanabee!!!!
well not so wanabee since it was : agyness herself ! and you know how i really realize it was her ? i reconized her boyfriend !! i saw the 2 of them just 2 days ago in a magazine thinking :"hum! she gots a ugly boyfriend!!!"
well ugly ! ugly not it was because of him i reconized her !!
she's way shorter than what i thought ! and she has way less charisma !! (not that i thought she was jesus but come on mannnnnn!!!)
and nop i'm not hating on her !!trust me i love the girl style!!
but i just thought that she would have been looking better in real life !!!

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