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lundi 25 août 2008

the strippy skirt !!(made by me)

this was my inpiration i love this skirt seen in topshop and sold on asos from the brand loveyoulongtime!!! but way too expensive for me and way too tight!! (they only make small size!!) so as you know i get what i want ! and i decided to do it myself !!! i don't know why but them days i'm feeling crafty!!!

i took an old skirt that i never wore , i bought it 3 years ago !!! but i don't know there was something i didn't like about this skirt :it was too big, not the right color or shape !! well i don't even know why i bought it at all !! so i tried to paint it !! but it look like shite (see below) plus it took me forever to do that (almost 2 month!!) i wasn't inspired by this skirt at all ... but lately i bought a bunch of cloth and decided to costumize some of my old clothes and this piece was 1 of them !!TAKE A LOOK!!!
went from this !!added this!
to get thissss !!! what you think ??? not so bad huh??? i really like it !!

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Anonyme a dit…

yours look 10x better! great job!