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dimanche 17 août 2008

tag me i'll tag u !!!

the rules
1)must own a blog
2)the first three persons to leave me a comment on this post: get a handmade gift! (ladies it's not that i don't want to, but location wise it's gonna be tough !since i'm living so far away!! so i don't know how i'm gonna pull that off , so let's forget about it ! cause what are the rules if they are not meant to be broken?
3)all the tagged person have to do the same on they own blog!(only if you want to !of course!)

shout out to my fave blogs !!!
jasmine of
dressing de jasmine
check it out it so fresh! so funky !so fashion !she does great creations always fun!check out her fashion show pics you'll see what i'm talking about!!!plus she gots swag! charly from charly:une modeuse a paris
this girl is wearing stuff straight of the catwalk and rocking it on the street just like a model ! with her vintage and ebay finds ! she's taking them and turning them into her own version!!!love it!!

betty from le blog de betty

cause this girl is so cute always coming up with simple yet fierce outfits she's a real fashionnista!!and because we have a lot of similar stuffs that nobody else as!!!!

qin from qin at the disco

i love her style !a real kawaii ! always wearing bows and butterflies, a real girly girl straight out from a child fantasy book !!!

all of those girls are in my fave readers if you wanna check they blogs out!! i know u'll enjoy it!!
so okay now the kestionzz
im not so good with personal questions !so don't mind me if i'm not going deep into it!
10 years ago? i was still in paris living a normal teen life (i guess!!!) partying all the time !! and working of course( used to be an hair dresser!) i was already getting bored of the paris life i knew that i wanted to live somewhere else !at first my next destination was london since i love this city so much !!but change of plans last minute my friend proposed me to go in the carribean islands for the vacations!( i thought magical beaches with white sand and coconut tree ! can't say no to that!!)i accepted and i hand up staying!!! (crazy me !) i fell in love with this place !and i'm living here up to this day ! it's been 8 years!!!
where i lived? paris et st martin
five fave dish?mc do !!! (putain de merde!!!)pizza,moule a la creme ( de chez leon ! et we nous n 'avons pas les meme valeurs tres cher!)et n importe quel gateau!!( d ailleurs ca se voi!!hihih)
five things i did today? went on the beach ! catched a motherfu..... sun burn!! stupid me 'it's 11 at night and i'm burning up !!
cut my hair like a begginner!!'seems i lost everything of my hairdresser days !! shite!! reshite!!('i'm fucking upset my hair look like nothing!!!)
wanted to order some seek shoes i saw on gojane i realize they don't ship where i live!!
eat everything in the fridge but everything was tasting bad !!!this is a bullshit day quoi!!!
okay i'm better off sleeping i'm so upset!!!hopefully like my mom says tomorow is another day !! it better be better!!!i'm telling you hurrrrgggggggg!!!
and sorry for those who knows the game i was suppose to put five stuffs of everything i love but i only put four!!! i told you today wasn't my day!!!thx jasmine for tagging me !!!

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3 commentaires:

The Clothes Horse a dit…

Great blog choices--I'll have to check some of them out.
P.S. My tattoos are martlet birds not butterflies, details here if you're interested:

Jasmine a dit…

hihi :-)
meme si la moitié est en anglais je ne ten veu pas :-)

tu me laissera ton adresse de st martin, je t'enverais ton cadeaux
laisse moi ton e-mail

Bisous !

Betty a dit…

Haha merci d'avoir pensé à moi, bon par contre, moi et les tags ça fait 2, j'ai toujours la flemme d'y répondre! ;) Bise à toi !
C'est toujours très funky comme j'aime ici !