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mercredi 27 août 2008

oops ! i did it again!!! did i custom something???

yes it's me again saying the same stuff over and under!!
this dress/top (not really sure !! what it is!! ) that i didn't wear as yet! (yes ! again i know!!)
i didn't really like the way it fitted me blah blah.........( you know the deal !)
i'm always saying that same story anyway i customize it !!( again!!) and this is what i came up with!!
gone from way too short and not liking it to : really cute and totally my style!!
and this is how it looks like on !!went with "the school girl look" on that one!!" with the high collar and the very strict bun !!so you know i had to break it with a bling bling chain !!to make it less serious ! more me !!

dress/top broadway
chain paris
flat shoes zara
heels sxm
bracelet paris
big bow from a kira plastinina skirt i already have

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8 commentaires:

Savvy Mode SG a dit…

very innovative.

Mymou a dit…

damn!! c'est vachement beau ce que tu as fait est ce que c'est le tissu a l'arrière de la prems fotow que tu as découpé??
love that do it yourself!!

jo a dit…

the white trimmings and bow are a great great touch! and of course you've got some flashy attitude to pull it off ;)

vintage-trendy-glam a dit…

Elle est a croquer ta jupe customiséé tu as beaucoup de talent !

michelle a dit…

How adorable! So very you :)

Mymou a dit…

awww c gentil detre passée moi jai regardé tout ton blog!!!! j'ai adorééé!
dans ce commentaires je demandais avec quel tissu tu as fabriqué le noeud (the bow!?) avec le tissu rose derrière la jupe? loool
peace girl et bonne continuation
(maintenant que je sais que tu parles français je ne mettrais plus de coms en anglais car my english is really really poor!)

Jasmine a dit…

j'adore le gros nœud rose !
qui fait toute la différence

Trendy Gourmandise a dit…

yes very cute