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vendredi 29 août 2008

HEY!!! ebay stuff reach

so this morning my neighbor woke me up by ringing my bell like a crazy person!!
so i was like :" who the hell is ringing me like that !???"
when i thought about my ebay stuff that i ordered a while ago , wich woke me up very very fast!!!
and to my surprise it was exactly that!!! i was so happy !!!
i recieved my navy dress and my vintage 80's look red skirt!!! oki oki !!! enough talking that's what it looks like !!
the navy dress!!!

you know i had to go all the way with the navy look !! hahahah so i wore ( again!!!) my captain hat!!!

the vintage 80's look skirt!!
i love the gold buttons and the "v"cuts (in the front bottom and top)
i find it gives more structure to the skirt !! more strict , more officer style
so i wore it with an another bold color ! WARNING !!! your eyes might hurt you a lil' bit since it's very bright !! but that's for your own sake !!a wake up call flashy kawaii style!!!

love those shoes ! they are so cute!! they look like ballerinas but with heels

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yiqin; a dit…

Wow, the navy sailor dress is AMAZING! I don't dare to shop on ebay! I def will spend all of my money there!

michelle a dit…

The strawberry dress is so creatively cute! And fab heels at the end! :D

Mymou a dit…

Heyyy Girl i've added U t my fav!! cause i really really loove Ur style!!
keep in touch girl
have fun!

Jasmine a dit…

j'adore les deux tenue, surtout la robe d'ebay que tous le monde à !
Mais toi tu te démarque quand même avec la casquette de capitaine vintage de frippe ! en claire j'adore !!!!!
et cette jupe rouge avc le haut vert ! je surkiff tous simplemennnnnt !

au pays de candy a dit…


Trendy Gourmandise a dit…

the skirt lovely

Ally a dit…

i just love your dress so much
and the skirt too
you look really pretty with that!