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jeudi 14 août 2008

the madonna's dress!!!

i bought this dress at forever 21 !
it reminds me of madonna in the 80's my favorite era ! with my fave jacket you already know

with the faux leather belt it's kind of an SM look with the lace and all! dress forever 21
belt necessary clothing
legging betsey johnson
shoes shop in miami
chain shop in paris
shades mark's place but custom made by me
with my custom BLING SHADES!!!
u gotta have zebra in your life!!!
fave hat! you already know !with the other zebra item!!!

don't like zebra ?? go for leopard!!!

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6 commentaires:

michelle a dit…

I'm digging your shoes :D

Sara Louise a dit…

omg love your title picture! and the hat and customised shades!to answer your questions on my blog... at the moment I'm just interning at asos for the experience in the industry as there aren't any jobs available, so if you wanted experience they're always looking for interns! and as for the dresses,I think the blue one is still on the site (in the sale!) but as they were in the sample sale I think they've been taken off now :(

yiqin; a dit…

There are so many things I like in this outfit! Those shoes, the sailor hat & wow, lace leggings?!?! AWESOME! You look great!

MONI a dit…

very cool style!!...

Jasmine a dit…

toujours aussi belle !
je t'ai tagguer sur mon blog !


di a dit…

80s rock!!!!

definitly, I can think in Like a Virgin video