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samedi 30 août 2008

welcome to the doll house!!!

this green top used to belong to my mum !!
it used to have the very 80's big padded shoulders!! as much as like the 80's this blouse was way too retro for where i live so i modified it to fit more my needs living in the caribbeans!!!
so i turned it into a simple bustier ! and i came up with this very dollish outfit!!
big bow and stiff poses!!
and of course pink (i can't be a doll without something pink!!)
paired it with high socks and it made the trick!! ( at least that's what i think hahahah!!!) top from mummy! (thanks for keeping real vintage stuff mum!!)
skirt topshop
scarf topshop
belt h&m
leg warmer express
shoes sxm
bracelet h&m

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vendredi 29 août 2008

HEY!!! ebay stuff reach

so this morning my neighbor woke me up by ringing my bell like a crazy person!!
so i was like :" who the hell is ringing me like that !???"
when i thought about my ebay stuff that i ordered a while ago , wich woke me up very very fast!!!
and to my surprise it was exactly that!!! i was so happy !!!
i recieved my navy dress and my vintage 80's look red skirt!!! oki oki !!! enough talking that's what it looks like !!
the navy dress!!!

you know i had to go all the way with the navy look !! hahahah so i wore ( again!!!) my captain hat!!!

the vintage 80's look skirt!!
i love the gold buttons and the "v"cuts (in the front bottom and top)
i find it gives more structure to the skirt !! more strict , more officer style
so i wore it with an another bold color ! WARNING !!! your eyes might hurt you a lil' bit since it's very bright !! but that's for your own sake !!a wake up call flashy kawaii style!!!

love those shoes ! they are so cute!! they look like ballerinas but with heels

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mercredi 27 août 2008

oops ! i did it again!!! did i custom something???

yes it's me again saying the same stuff over and under!!
this dress/top (not really sure !! what it is!! ) that i didn't wear as yet! (yes ! again i know!!)
i didn't really like the way it fitted me blah blah.........( you know the deal !)
i'm always saying that same story anyway i customize it !!( again!!) and this is what i came up with!!
gone from way too short and not liking it to : really cute and totally my style!!
and this is how it looks like on !!went with "the school girl look" on that one!!" with the high collar and the very strict bun !!so you know i had to break it with a bling bling chain !!to make it less serious ! more me !!

dress/top broadway
chain paris
flat shoes zara
heels sxm
bracelet paris
big bow from a kira plastinina skirt i already have

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mardi 26 août 2008

the bleach dress made by me!

this is how it used to look!!
i bought this dress at a store on broadway cant remember the name!! anyway i love demin so i picked it up this dress and wore it once , but i don't know it was just too blah ! too simple
so i really wanted an acid wash piece like the acid wash jean from american apparel , the purpule one is my favorite!
but they don't fit me! for a change?!!!
so i decided to take this simple dress and "do the acid wash" on it!!
it took way longer that what i expected!
i had to put bleach on it at least 7 times to make it look even ! but i rather take my time and go slow with it cause once is done is for good!!
but at the end i'm very happy i love it !!!( you could see i putted a lot of pictures!!)
if you want to do it use gel bleach for toilets !!!hahahah
gone from this !!added this !!
yes it's in my bathroom and those are my curtains!!hahahah
and this what came out!!

playing sexy ! wich who knows me : i'm so not like that !!! just playing around !!hahahah
scarf topshop
shoes zara
belt miami
neckless canal street

hey! of course don't forget the matching lipgloss !! without it, it would be a blasphemy!!!!hahahah

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lundi 25 août 2008

my day off dress

it's a very casual dress that i wear on my day off , cute yet practical !! love the summerish color !! match it with gold and i'm good to go !! dress necessary clothing
belt h&m
shades miami
earring h&m

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the strippy skirt !!(made by me)

this was my inpiration i love this skirt seen in topshop and sold on asos from the brand loveyoulongtime!!! but way too expensive for me and way too tight!! (they only make small size!!) so as you know i get what i want ! and i decided to do it myself !!! i don't know why but them days i'm feeling crafty!!!

i took an old skirt that i never wore , i bought it 3 years ago !!! but i don't know there was something i didn't like about this skirt :it was too big, not the right color or shape !! well i don't even know why i bought it at all !! so i tried to paint it !! but it look like shite (see below) plus it took me forever to do that (almost 2 month!!) i wasn't inspired by this skirt at all ... but lately i bought a bunch of cloth and decided to costumize some of my old clothes and this piece was 1 of them !!TAKE A LOOK!!!
went from this !!added this!
to get thissss !!! what you think ??? not so bad huh??? i really like it !!

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