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mercredi 8 avril 2009


thanks to my gurl delmy from who tagged me today !! i'm happy because i love her blog so i'm taking it as an honor..... anyway the question was:
to list 7 things you don't know about me

1)when i don't know a person at first, i could be very cold, but once you know me and i'm feeling you... it's on!i'm crazy..... in a good way (i think? ahahaha)

2)i love music !! beside fashion ,it' my passion ! i'm always listenning to music or watching music videos !

3)i'm originally from France, from Paris to be exact !9 years ago i went on vacation to a caribbean island name Sint Maarten and never CAME BACK!!!! yes peeps just change my life in a snap!! that's me just go with the flow....
be who you wanna be !do what you wanna do!

4)when i have an idea on my mind i don't give up until it's done !!! and i'm not very influencable ( at least i think so !)

5)i'm very passionnate about everything i do!! i'm 100% invested into the things i believe in !

6)ever since i was little i love to custom/fixe /reajust things and clothes just to fit my vison of it!!!i think i'm very artistic(don't laugh!lol)

7) i always do what i want regarless of what people might think!!!

well it's really seems like i am a bad girl !reading thoses facts about me , scares me !!!hahahah nop that's just who i am

the most important things you need to know about me is that : I M REAL!!!!

okay now i'm tagging
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dirtyflaws a dit…

just got you as well girl - right side xx

Trendy Gourmandise a dit…

héhé madame merci pour le tag !

alors comme ça tu es jamais revenu ! et bien je te dis que tu as bien raison ! regarde moi j'ai fuie la France aussi

pour la robe orange je savais que tu aimerai !!! j'ai pensé à toi lorsque je l'ai vu !!! je l'adore

Delmy a dit…

great post. Glad we know a lil about you!