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dimanche 5 avril 2009


REMEMBER when i was desperatly looking the leggings in 'THE DREAM' video???
well i never found any looking like the one in the video !!!so why not make my own RIGHT???
i have so much black 'wet look ' leggings now (like everybody!!!)that everytime i wear one, i feel like i always dress the same way . so i had to twist it up a lil' !! i decided to stud it up/spice it up a lil'!!! and i'm happy about the result i can't wait to show it to you in a full outfit!!!

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5 commentaires:

Delmy a dit…

Came out good!!

Nina (femme rationale) a dit…

wow, super cool! question, tho...don't the back of the studs scratch your legs?

jaz a dit…

these are stupid adorable, I LOVE THEM!! And plus who isnt a shoe whore!! hahah its hard not to be with all these bangin shoes coming out! mama you got such a good figure for them im tired of seeing bean poles yak now!?

Tashia a dit…


Mia La Belle a dit…

bedazzler queen. i love what you did with the leggings.

bisou bisou.