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lundi 6 juillet 2009


SO MAMA you finally change your hair color huh?.......

actually i did liked the blond barbie hair on you, you are such a doll that a potato bag would look good on you!!so anyway the top picture is hot i love the hair color semi-blond/brown that's how i do my hair as well, but the 2 lasts ones i'm not really feeling the blond front with the rest of the hair brown but i guess it's aight...... i just hope that you didn't change your hair because of all the HATERZ !!!!(come on you know who you are!!!)

cause in life you should do what ever you want regardless of what people thinks (as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else but you of course)!!! you got one life to live mama!! so if you going back to blond, just know that you have a faithfull fan that will stand up for you through black ,blond,brown phase KISSS BABS!!!lol




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