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jeudi 16 juillet 2009


IT's been a while since i last went out!!! last night i wanted to change my mind a lil' bit , staying home and feeling down is not that nice....., so i went to the club with my gurls!!! in one of my fave shades of blue: COLBAT of course!!!!colbat and teal blues are such beautifull and complimenting colors for me ( at least that's what i think!!)

i just can't get enough........................

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Anonyme a dit…

beautiful! you remind me of JLo. Love your confidence!


hhahah thank you very much for the comparaison !! although im not as hot as her the comparation is very heart warming to hear such nice comments!! thx again boo!!

I Miss Cigarettes... a dit…

Hey hunni!!!
Me and my girl KateJean think your blog is absolutely fierce darling!!! We found u because we saw that we made it to your blogroll, aww you are too SWEET!!! We will do the same and hope to stay in touch. Girl, you are HOT!!! Much love from the ladies at TPC xxxx