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samedi 10 octobre 2009


i found myself wearing a lot of black clothes lately and i'm wondering why?
me, who's always so colorful...i guess this year the winter fashion really reaching out
to me although i live in an island where it's 35 degres all year round!!
these days i'm simply obssessed with ALL BLACK .....

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top promod
skirt promod
belt asos
gilet go jane

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9 commentaires:

killuh™ a dit…

i HAVE to let yu know; your blog is by far one of my absolute fave's...really hot diy's! i love reading what yu write.

good stuff mama :]
keep it up !

Delmy a dit…

your hair looks awesome.

Eva Ana a dit…

i like you in black

Eva Ana a dit…

max mara :)


thanks gurls!
@killuh im trying to posts all my lil diys even the lil ones cause u never know it might help someone else!! thx again

Aurélie a dit…

Toujours aussi belle ;) J'adore ta coupe.

Je voulais savoir sur quelle belle île vis-tu?


merci aurelie j habite a st martin!

missDTM a dit…

love this outfit! where you live looks soooooooo unbelievable. i am totally jealous.

killuh™ a dit…

well mama; it def helped me.
im off to spray paint my old doorknockers right now :]