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mardi 18 août 2009

melody eshani earrings part 2




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Anonyme a dit…

OMG I would love if you would do a post on your hair...I know you have done posts about hairstyles you like, but I think your hair is freakin fabulous!!! What do you do to keep it looking so fluffy and curly? Is it all yours, cause if it isn't it still looks amazing!! I envy its flowing gorgeousness...whatever you do to it I need to know!!

Ms Fitz a dit…

Heyyyy, where you based?

May Kasahara a dit…

Oh HI!@@!! fucking hot like whoa.


thx dushis!!!
ill t do a post about my hair no problem!! i didnt know someone actually liked my hair !!thank u so much!!!!

Aurélie a dit…

Ca te va super bien, t'es trop pétillante comme ça ;)