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lundi 1 juin 2009


i came across this jacket a while ago on ebay and the stating bid was at 9 dollars and it was listed for 8 LONG DAYS so i waited to see if there were any other bidders interrested in this jacket ,so after 4 days i said to myself i really want this jacket and it's a torture for me to wait a extra 4 long days , so i asked the seller for a 'buy it now price' so i could buy it without having to fight with another bidder,she replied me that she would put a 'buy it now' at 95 dollars!!!!! i was like "damn do i want really this jacket? and am i willing to pay such a high price for a CHANEL wannabe jacket??? NOP!!!" SO i just waited to see if there were any other bidders !!! and keep myself limited to 40 dollars limits!! so i watched this item every minutes of the day to see what was going on with it.... THEN THE LAST DAY of bidding i woke up early and rushed to my computer to see if there was any bidders since they didn't had any as yet (wich was to good be true!!!) then i saw "THE BID FOR THIS ITEM AS ENDED"!! SOLD FOR 70 DOLLARS !!!! then it hitted me that sellers (B....)had sold it to someone else FOR CHEAPER !!! OMG i wanted to die i was like "how could this SELLER had sold MY JACKET ( YES MY JACKET !!) to someone else !!!!" i was so upset that i wrote a very harsh email to the sellers, telling her to get her stuff right !!!can't be doing them BS !!! NOT FAIR AT ALL.... puff WHATEVER LET'S pray for another one to come my way!!! you never know... one of you might have one to sell!!!


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