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mardi 17 février 2009


first of all I DON'T HAVE INTERNET at home right now !!! i'm going to die!!!nop just kidding it's just that i can't post my pictures or read my fave blogs !! but in 2 weeks hopefully it will be on !!!BUT YOU WANNA HEAR SOMETHING CRAZY ? last week i moved to my new place right ? well I HATE IT ,HATE IT ,HATE IT!!!!! i'm feeling so down just imagine it !!! i had a bad feeling about this new appartment from the beggining !!well it was confirmed as soon as we spent the first night over there !! OMG !!!ALWAYS TRUST YOUR GUTS!!! i wanna move back to my old place so bad!!!! CRAZY RIGHT??nop i use to feel like home over there so by the next month i'll back in!! did you ever heard that before moving out then in within a month??? please if you know any stories share them with me i need a lil' cheer up !! to confirm that i'm not crazy!!! if u only knew !!

anyway on better note those are my saturday night pictures we had a lot of fun !! came back home at 7 oclock in the morning !then went straight to the new place to move my stuffs in !! i was up for 48 hours!!!all of that for nothing!!! but i can't complain i least i had the chance to be able to move back to my old place .......

kiss kisss

dress primark
belt asos
shoes sxm i had to make sure they were in place!!!

gotta fun right ????

those condoms were for this couple right next to me!!!

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Trendy Gourmandise a dit…

lol !!!!!

Anonyme a dit…

you look a little bit like a bitch or transsexuell


I might look a lil' bit like a
TRANSSEXUAL !!!! and lot like a BITCH but i certainly KNOW HOW TO WRITE ENGLISH!!! U DUMB FUCK!!!!!AND ooooooooohhhhhhhhh i never saw a transsexual looking so JUICY!!!!!by the way why u staying anonymus???? huh???? must have an ugly face to hide hahahahha!!!!