Parisian girl who lives in the Caribbeans with new york city dreams!!


vendredi 27 juin 2008


so as you could see this is the brooklyn bridge !!! i'm showing this pic cause on the floor there's the WRITING
"left is for walking and right is for biking !" so apparently my friend didn't see the "WRITING" on the floor, so she was walking all over the bridge while i was standing back taking pictures when all of a sudden i see a biker falling ! i was like: "whats wrong with this person? is so drunk that he can't even ride is own bike!" when 2 secondes after! another biker ran straight into him fly off is bike and got stuck between the 2 bikes!! i was like : "but hold on this person ( who fell first) cause such a bad accident !thats was uppsetting ! poor guy didn't even have the time 2 stop, so ran into the drunken man!!! "
so me and my friends went to help them out ,when 1 of the guys started to blame my friend saying she was on the biker lane ! and thats why he fell! OMG we felt so bad ! so if you ever get the chance to go to the brooklyn brigde PLEASE STAY THE LEFT SIDE!!!!!!!!

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Anonyme a dit…

ahahaah we 'll never get use to the american way .. The forgot the dogs lane ..